Vitrification of ovarian tissue

Currently, slow freezing is the most commonly used method for cryopreserving ovarian tissue.

At the Fertilita Clinic, we use the latest and most effective method of ovarian tissue cryopreservation – vitrification.

The procedure needs to be individually adjusted for a given biological material due to tissue differentiation. This is an advanced technique and should be performed by properly trained and experienced personnel.

Scientific reports have shown that that ovarian tissue vitrification is superior to slow freezing because:

  • vitrification causes significantly less DNA damage in primary follicles – precursors of oocytes
  • vitrification better preserves stromal cells

Therefore, vitrification protects the ovarian tissue better than slow freezing, allowing for more effective preservation of its structure and quality after thawing.

Vitrification of ovarian tissue is currently the optimal fertility-preserving option for a patient who opts for tissue freezing.

The vitrification process itself consists in very rapid freezing of biological material in extremely low temperatures, leading to its vitrification. Since the specimen is frozen without cell damage, all biological and metabolic functions are restored after appropriate thawing.

This highly effective method of freezing ovarian tissue is of particular importance for women diagnosed with cancer or other conditions that could prevent them from having children.

Ovarian tissue properly vitrified before anticancer treatment can be
effectively warmed and then transplanted to a patient in order to obtain eggs and restore fertility.

At Fertilita, vitrified ovarian tissue can be used in the research project to obtain stem cells, which are then directed to differentiate into oocytes ready for in vitro fertilization. In the case of cancer survivors, this method eliminates the risk of re-transferring cancer cells from the transplanted ovarian tissue to the woman’s body.

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