Fallopian tube patency test

Hysterosalpingosonography (sono-HSG), i.e. a test to evaluate fallopian tube patency, is ordered by the doctor, including setting the exact date. The test should be performed after menstruation, around cycle day 8-10, after obtaining the results of infectious screening (cervical canal culture, Chlamydia, anti-HIV antibodies, jaundice, venereal diseases) and cytology. The doctor may also order blood count and coagulation profile.


How does it look?

The examination lasts about 15 minutes and consists in administering a contrast agent through the genital tract using a special catheter.
Based on contrast distribution seen on US image, the doctor can see the shape of the uterus and fallopian tubes and assess their patency. Usually, the patient can return to normal activity a dozen or so minutes after the procedure.


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