Classic IVF



is one of IVF techniques, where an embryologist combines the egg with preselected sperm in a suitable dish and in the presence of a suitable substrate. The fused gametes are incubated in a special dish and under optimal conditions. Under favourable laboratory conditions, the fastest sperm spontaneously fertilises the egg, giving rise to an embryo. This technique can be used in situations where the semen is of appropriate quality and it is possible to select adequate amount of motile and morphologically normal sperm.

The use of natural sperm selection (the strongest sperm will fertilise the egg) is an advantage of classic IVF. The minimal interference with the environment of the egg is an additional advantage. Further development of the embryos takes place in a standard laboratory incubator. Currently, due to the limited number of oocytes that can be fertilized, classic IVF is rarely used and ICSI remains the most widely utilised IVF method. However, classic IVF is still recommended by scientific societies in cases where semen parameters are normal. Low success rate when using sperm with reduced parameters and high chromatin fragmentation is the disadvantage of classic IVF. There are also situations when fertilization does not occur even despite normal sperm.

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